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14 November 2012

Cyber security software provider Kaspersky Lab has warned that poor management of BYOD and personal devices in the workplace could be putting corporate security at risk.

As part of its recent 2012 Global IT Security Risks report, the company commissioned B2B International to survey more than 3,300 senior IT professionals from across the world throughout July 2012.

The results revealed that despite the fact that the risk of allowing smartphones into the workplace has been highly publicised, 33 per cent of organisations are still allowing employees to access corporate resources from their portable devices without restriction.

Furthermore, only 11 per cent of those surveyed claimed to be currently utilising a Mobile Device Management solution in order make sure corporate security policies were being complied with.

According to the Global IT Security Risks report, 34 per cent of organisations now consider mobile devices as being a potentially serious threat to business security.

Just over half - 55 per cent - were also willing to admit that they are spending more time thinking about the security of corporate smartphones and tablets than they were in 2012.

Despite this, the outlook towards BYOD was seen as generally positive amongst most of the survey participants. 36 per cent of those questioned said that they were planning on encouraging staff to utilise personal devices for work in the future.

Kaspersky Lab notes that this approach may well benefit a forward thinking organisation, but emphasised that common safety rules would need to be enforced and that an effective solution would need to implemented in order "to control and protect all devices".